Blended Learning - In-person Calendar:

Please click on this calendar link for an in-person cohort calendar. Students should only report to the physical school building during their designated cohort day. Students will continue to attend class remotely when they are not scheduled to be in the building.

Class Schedules by Cohort:

Please click here for a list of class schedules by cohort.

Each class section has its own link with its own schedule. For those students in blended learning, you will find schedules are broken down for in person days and days in which they will be learning remotely. Please be advised that while we believe these schedules to be finalized as of this time, they are subject to change if an unforeseen circumstance arises. As I mentioned in parent meetings previously, our programming for this year has been adjusted due to the unique circumstances of the hybrid learning model. We have had to adapt our programming practices to ensure that class capacities for in person learning were adhered to, as class size limits in remote only classes were met, and most importantly, providing students with live instruction from an MS 104 teacher. We are unable to change student schedules due to these circumstances. We have put together programs that are thoughtful and provide students with as much of the usual content as they would normally receive. I thank you for your understanding regarding this matter.


Important Forms:

Please click the below forms to submit them.

Emergency Contact Card

Technology Policy

Consent for Photo/Video

104 Gmail setup:

Each school day, students will need to log into their 104 Gmail accounts. The format for their Gmail account is and the password is the student ID/OSIS number. Please click here for a tutorial video.

Online MS 104 Library

To explore our online library resources, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Please click here for a list of FAQs and answers. 



Guidance Counselor Message:


Dear Families,


We know as a community this has been a trying time, and we will come together to support our students and maintain consistency with supports as much as possible. 


Below you will find resources for  families to continue self care, as well as to help  students build coping skills and resiliency. 


Be well and stay healthy!



Guidance Dept.



Clinical and Supportive Resources from Child Mind Institute

(including telemedicine):


Contact information for counseling services through NYC WELL:



Coping Skills  Resources: