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The DOE announced changes to the middle school admissions process for students applying this admissions cycle. All middle school screens will be paused and a lottery-based system will be implemented for Fall 2021 admissions. As a result of this shift, there will be one academic track for all incoming sixth graders.



While the admissions process has shifted, our curriculum remains of the same rigorous, high quality level. This includes offering regents level course work in grade eight in math and science. Simon Baruch MS 104 is committed to ensuring that we provide all students with a challenging and engaging learning experience and are excited to work with your child!

Sample 6th Grade Schedule

To see a sample of our typical 6th grade schedule, please click here.


Tours are given in the Fall for fifth grade students and their families. This year, we are offering a virtual tour in place of an in-person tour. Please click here to view our Virtual Tour.

Info Sessions

Please click here  to register for one of our Virtual Informational Sessions.