We believe all students can reach high expectations when provided with a safe and supportive learning environment with meaningful levels of challenge and the appropriate academic, social and emotional support that allows students to thrive. We strive to deliver a culturally responsive curriculum that recognizes and values students' identities and allows them to see themselves in the concepts they are exploring. All members of the school community are committed to achieving equitable outcomes for all students. Students achieve academic success when they are challenged to make their thinking visible through discussion, collaboration, exposure to rigorous content and learning activities, and strong teacher-student relationships. Through these efforts we hope to develop civic minded students that think critically, appreciate the unique differences of their peers, show empathy for others, and are committed to affecting positive change in the community.



MS104 is dedicated to providing all students with strong academic preparation.

Our goal is to teach young people to think clearly, express themselves lucidly, value creative expression, understand mathematical and logical thoughts, the methods of science and technology, and to appreciate their own and other cultures.

Beyond that, MS104 aspires to impart a sense that learning can engage the mind and spirit, a desire to take responsibility, and a commitment to serve others.

Ultimately, MS104 students will be prepared with intellectual strength, technical skills, aesthetic appreciation, and positive self-esteem that will enable them to successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow and make positive contributions to the society in which they live.